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Save Aru Islands

Aru is a cluster of 300 small tinny islands where greatest birds of paradise are living harmoniously with kangaroos, black cockatoos & crocodile. This heavenly place is threatened to be destroyed recently by a stupid & greedy plan of our government to develop 500 000 hectares of sugar cane plantation across this region. Please stand in solidarity with us to SAVE ARU ISLANDS!

Save Aru (Tribute Song to #SaveAru Islands) MHC - Wessly

Lagu yg didekasikan kepada perjuangan Rakyat Aru untuk melawan perampokan tanah-tanah mereka yg mau diubah menjadi kebun tebu. Keep Stand in with us to #SaveAruIslands
Enter the rainforest canopy of the Aru Islands to watch the coordinated displays of two male Greater Birds-of-Paradise. Then see two females take particular interest in the males' bright colors, strange sounds, and contorted poses. Filmed by Tim Laman in September 2010.

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In Solidarity With Aru Islands

I have no idea to express what I’ve really felt when entering the interior of Aru Islands, the easternmost corner of Maluku Province. The landscape is really beautiful. Sailing with a traditional wooden boat, I found the riverside is flanked by amazing mangrove that grows abundantly. Simple villages beyond the fog were extremely peaceful. Fog in the river is a common occurrence but more-so during the dawn. The view was both amazing and mysterious.

Consists of more than 250 islands, Aru archipelago is well known as the only region in Maluku where 4 species of golden birds of paradise are living in harmony with Black Cockatoo, Tree Kangaroo, Cassowary, Deer, and indigenous forest people, those who depend on the forest for at least 75% of their daily needs. However, Aru Islands is a portrait of peaceful suffer and poverty. Although living the beautiful and richness environment, the poverty rate decreased for indigenous people up to 50%.

Unfortunately, instead of developing projects to improve the lives of people living in poverty, crazy policy of Maluku government allowed a greedy investment of 28 companies from Jakarta to replace 500 000 hectares of Aru forest with sugar cane plantation while the remain 200 000 hectares is just left for environmental protection. Ironically, the poor Aru people know nothing about this plan though a national regulation guarantees an indigenous land right. Currently, a way of life and unique environment of Aru Islands is threatened to be destroyed. Aru people are crying for help. They’ve organized their rally to stop the project because the sweetness of sugar is a bitter taste for them and their environment as well. Let us stand in solidarity with them! #SaveAru


JANGAN USIK HUTANKU !,” dari hati sang pemburu – Posted by: Forest Watch Indonesia

Perawakan kekar dengan rambut gundul, Bapak Oce dengan gagah membawa busur panahnya. Terbuat dari batang pinang, dengan tali pegas terbuat dari bambu, serta anak panah terbuat dari rotan yang diujungnya direkatkan lempengan besi runcing yang telah dibumbui racun khas yang dapat melump
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Learning From a Successful Movement in Aru (written by: Selwyn)

It is rare enough that a social movement resisting a development project actually achieves its aim, so when it does it is worth taking a look at that movement and learning from what it did right. The people of the Aru islands, in the far south-east of Maluku, have cause to celebrate.
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#savearu sees off Menara Group, time to #savebovendigoel

  #savearu sees off Menara Group, time to #savebovendigoel   By admin | Published: May 21, 2014   The story may be over for the Menara Group in Aru, now it’s time to look at Boven Digoel. There another mega-plantation plan is opening the door to the Malaysian timber bar
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#savearu mengusir Menara Group, saatnya untuk #savebovendigoel

#savearu mengusir Menara Group, saatnya untuk #savebovendigoel By admin | Published: May 21, 2014 Mungkin kisah PT Menara Group di Aru telah usai, sekarang saatnya untuk melihat ke Boven Digoel. Disana terdapat rencana proyek mega perkebunan yang mempersilahkan masuk penguasa kayu Mal
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President Must Intervene Forest Ecosystem in Aru Islands

President Must Intervene Forest Ecosystem in Aru Islands Bogor, 23 April 2014. Forest ecosystem in Aru Islands must be protected and preserved. The President of Republic of Indonesia should instruct the Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to immediate
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Suzanna Mangar - Tanah Emas | Song for Aru Island

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Aru Archipelago, Beauty About to be Lost Forever – Chris Paporakis

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